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Discover Middle-Earth in New Zealand: A Lord of the Rings 20th Anniversary Special
Celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with us!

You’re invited to discover New Zealand through the lens of the Lord of the Rings. In this webinar you’ll experience the iconic Hobbiton Movie set and jaw-dropping natural landscapes as we move across both of New Zealand's North and South Island, including some of the best things to do in each region.

New Zealand's dramatic landscapes captivated movie fans around the world as it became the unbilled star of the hugely successful The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Over 150 locations were used around the country and while most of the sets are now a distant dream, visiting stunning locations will transport you deep into the heart of Middle-earth.

At the end of the webinar, we will be hosting a live Q&A contest where you'll be able to win Lord of the Rings themed gifts.

Register now to secure your spot as capacity is limited. We cannot wait to share our journey to Middle-earth with you.

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